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Our Story was inspired by fantasy & the never-ending quest of women to look and feel gorgeous, sexy, sultry, seducing, mysterious… (the list is endless!).  It was founded on the desire to make you shamelessly flirt at every moment in your life, even if its secretly just for you, because sensuality is a feeling that seductively lingers.

Women are complicated, they always search for that little ‘pick me up’ and as frivolous as that may sound it’s either a chocolate or a little sexy something (something you don’t need but simply want or lust after)

Too many choices can leave you feeling bored and indecisive, at we envisioned a mini boudoir closet that you can go to at any moment.  You dress up for everything in life so why wouldn’t you dress up for bed or just lounging around? Boyfriend or significant other is not always required;) We all know that when you look sexy, you feel sexy that’s why lingerie is like eyeliner; you don’t need to wear it…but when you do… your life experience intensifies to va va va voom!  It’s a form of escapism into your own fantasy.  The lines between a simple teddy & uber edgy one is blurred, with just a tweak, almost any piece can be worn in or out. The simple ‘classic & sexy’ seems dated and obsolete as everyone’s personality and the look they envision for themselves metamorphes into their own perception of this.

Never fall out of love with yourself, fall in love everyday! Some days you want the whole shebang…the teddy, the garter, the cape and every other accessory you can find.  But other days it’s just about the panty.  There is something enchanting about your panty drawer, it’s like a sweet little personal indulgence that’s a secret.  So, indulge yourself, take a peek there may be a few things that catch your eye…or imagination;)